The Fund aims to provide wholesale investors with a diversified exposure to a portfolio of short-term business loans secured by mortgage loans over Australian property.

Target Yield4.5-6.5% pa Valuation$1.00 NAV

Fund Overview

The Fund targets lower risk, secured loans capable of delivering moderate cash yields. The Fund currently consists of loans selected by Sterling and Freeman’s experienced real estate credit team who observe strict investment and risk mandates.

Diversified portfolio
Fund is designed to provide exposure to a mix of residential and commercial property in metro and key regional locations. No single loan or counterparty is more than 10% of the portfolio.

Duration of loan
Loans are intended for a maximum period of 6 months and assessed to ensure clear exits at the end of the loan term.

Credit position
Properties have a target loan-to-value ratio of between 50% – 65%, with a maximum of 70%.

Senior security
All loans are predominately secured by a registered first mortgage over Australian property. Second mortgages are second only to a top tier bank and secured through a deed of priority.

Fund Highlights

StructureAustralian wholesale unit trust,
Series Class A and Series B
Target Yield4.5-6.5% pa

Unit Issue Price$1.00 per unit
Fund TermOpen-ended, with a 12-month

Minimum InvestmentA$50,000

Redemption Notice DateQuarterly
Redemption DateAs soon as practical; generally subject to loan maturities and within 12-months of the Redemption notice date

EligibilityWholesale and sophisticated investors only
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